4 Reasons To Replace Your Industrial Air Compressors After Ten Years
December 04, 2020

Industrial air compressors are an excellent investment. These machines are proven to increase work efficiency and have a possible life expectancy of 20-25 years.

The reality of these machines is that even high-performance models have varying lifespans depending on multiple factors.

There is a possibility that a replacement should be considered within 10 years of you purchasing your air compressor.


A Decade of Significant Wear and Tear

All mechanical components of machines including industrial air compressors have a life expectancy that can reach 10-20 years. An average air compressor working at consistent high-level routines will expect a shorter lifespan than machines on an occasional moderate operation. If you're using your machines constantly every day for long periods of time, a possible replacement should be considered.


New Machines Have Better Designs and Features

Although a fine investment, designs and features for industrial air compressors are constantly being developed. Businesses are frequently evolving and with specific needs changing every day. After 10 years, it is a possibility for businesses to consider an upgrade due to obsolete features or a need for something more powerful and efficient.


Prevent Higher Utility Costs

New compressors are powerful and energy-efficient, while old ones, although still satisfying business requirements, could become unprofitable. Components will deteriorate as the machine continues to be used. The machine appears sluggish and requires more energy to move certain parts to produce results, thereby increasing utility costs.


Sometimes Not Worth Repairing

In some cases, technicians might suggest replacing a ten-year-old machine, especially if they mention the machine will likely have the same issues in the future. It would be wise to listen to the professional and consider a new investment.

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