What Keeps Your Industrial Air Compressor in Working Condition
December 03, 2020

Industrial air compressors are a powerful piece of equipment that provide a reliable power source for plenty of pneumatic tools and various applications. Their job is completely fulfilled with the different industrial air compressor parts working together to provide the needed compression. As a complex machine, air compressors are composed of numerous components and each one of them has its own role to fulfill. The fundamental industrial air compressor parts include the motor, pump, and the receiver. These parts can greatly vary in terms of size and capacity.

Learning how these basic components work can help you understand and appreciate the function of industrial air compressors. 


The motor is one of the most basic parts which drives the compressor pump, a pulley, and the two belts. The transfer of power from the motor to the pump is performed through a flywheel and a crankshaft. In order to avoid damage to the motor, a magnetic starter can be employed. The compressor pump is another vital air compressor component that has the role of compressing the air before it is discharged into the receiver. The two-stage compressors have two pump cylinders that compress the air twice. The receiver, which is also called the tank, is used to store the compressed air. There is a valve installed at the receiver inlet to avoid the air from flowing back into the pump. 


All of these industrial air compressor parts should be properly maintained to keep their internal workings at optimum performance and prolong their service life. With the extensive list of the air compressor parts available, Reap Air has every component you need to keep your daily operations under control. We also provide quality parts from reputable manufacturers coupled with our expert knowledge unparalleled in the industry. No matter what model you need, we can help you find the right component from our wide variety of parts inventory. 


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