3 Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Compressor Parts
March 15, 2017

 The acquisition of the right air compressor parts and accessories is the starting point to inspiring improved compressor service life. It helps in giving your compressors a complete overhaul of their systems or restoring the defunct operations to life. Though this is the ideal, only original parts and accessories achieve optimal results. For the best performance, original industrial air compressor accessories and parts are recommended. This is primarily due to the high risk associated with the use of counterfeit accessories and parts when servicing your compressor for industrial or commercial use.


High failure rates

Although counterfeit compressor parts tend to have lower purchase cost, their failure rates are considerably higher than their originals. It might be the difference in the die clocking ability or the parts having not having passed industrial reliability tests in their post production testing stage. All these put your compressor at the risk of increased downtime, even after servicing.


High long-run operational costs

With counterfeit parts having short-times to failure, their emolument rates are considerably high. This leads to significantly high operational costs related to the repair and maintenance of he compressors. At an industrial scale, these challenges can be avoided by buying original components in your industrial air compressor accessories procurement process.


Reduced chances of damaging the compressor

Most compressor parts are standardized in their sizes, dimensions and other specifications. These features are often flouted in counterfeit part production. By using the counterfeit industrial air compressor accessories and parts, you considerably increase the risk of damaging the existing compressor parts. At other times, the counterfeit parts or accessories acquired may not be an exact fit of the original ones, so watch out for counterfeits.


Over the years, manufacturer appointed servicing agents have been known to reliably deliver original compressor parts and accessories. At the heart of Quincy Compressor original supplies Reap Air Compressor services, a company dedicated to delivering round-the-clock parts you can always trust.  

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