Common Benefits Associated With Air Compressors
February 16, 2017

 Compressed air is expensive and timely delivery of the air is always a great plus in keeping your customers happy. Leakage of compressed air is a common source of financial and non-financial losses associated with the use of air compressors. In fact, statistics cite 30% of the losses as associated with leakages which can be avoided by using the right quincy air compressor parts. This further encompasses the deployment of a disciplined approach to the management of leakages in compressed air systems. When left uncontrolled, the leakages may spiral beyond non-financial losses that may not be recovered over time. These include:


Reduced system life

Quincy air compressors are designed with a service life of up to 40 years, and shorter service lives lead to increased financial and non-financial loses. The lost service life means replacing the compressor to continue enjoying the service. This is cost intensive, time consuming and may lead to numerous delays and should be avoided before they occur.


High downtimes

Each machine has a recommended downtime. By using the right quincy air compressor parts, you reduce the effective downtimes associated with technical and mechanical breakdowns of the compressors in their regular service life. Higher downtime translates to lost revenues, and this can tactically be evaded by having a suitable servicing schedule in place to ensure optimal performance and uptime of the compressor.


Productivity loss

When the uptime of all systems in your facility is 99% at least, your staff are more productive. Conversely, downtimes downplay the uptime operations, leading to considerable loss in the productivity of your staff.


Unnecessary capacity requirement

There are instances where your demand for compressed air is higher that the output of your leaking compression system. Additional capacity may be required in such instances to supplement the leakages, which maybe expensive, unnecessary and time consuming to acquire, install and commission.


For the best results you need to have the right quincy air compressor parts and a well-structured service schedule aimed at giving your machines a fresh life before a prospective downtime.

I bought a few parts from my air compressor from you guys and it helped prevent a few leakages so thank you!
Posted by: Shirley M. | May 26, 2017, 2:48 pm
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