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WBA - Workbench for Assembly

The workbench is specially equipped for assembly work using pneumatic tools. It is constructed with a stout extruded aluminium frame which supports the A.T.S. system. The A.T.S. system consists of a rail on which a trolley runs freely.
The trolley has an air outlet and a spring catch. One of the two upright supports of the bench frame is pressurized acting as both a reservoir and a delivery tube. To complete the system we supply height adjustable feet and cross bars with shelves to which parts bins can be hooked.
The whole frame is supplied, partially assembled, in a stout cardboard box. The supply of the simple bench frame represents a valid alternative to the complete bench.
It must be fixed to the customer’s existing workbench by means of proper feed.


Technical Characteristics :
• Anodized aluminium frame

• Table dimensions: 75x150 or 200 cm

• Height from ground: 85-95 cm

• Height of trolley from ground: 220 cm

• Compressed air outlet: 1/4”

• Compressed air inlet: 3/8”