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HBS - Hollow bar system

HBS was the first modular air line system created by TESEO at the beginning of the 90's with a wide range of diameters, up to an inner diameter of 110 mm. It is made by profiles and accessories in aluminium capable of distributing compressed air with a maximum pressure of 15 bars, vacuum and other non dangerous gases. The sealing is guaranteed by common "O" rings; the connection of the different components can be simply done by tightening the Allen screws on the fixing plates. The smoothness of the internal surface ensures low air friction and guarantees high performance in terms of flow rate and pressure reduction. HBS is particularly suitable for the installation of the main distribution line and manifolds on machines or automatic lines.


HBS25: The smallest diameter of the range, ideal for installing rings where small flow rates are required.

HBS32: The first diameter created in the range, and is currently the one with the most Km installed.

HBS50: The intermediate diameter also used to create manifolds in use aboard machines.

HBS63: The first diameter to have 4 useable sides with the possibility of various sized outlet applications.

HBS80: The first diameter to have 4 useable sides which are exactly the same and perfectly symmetrical.

HBS110: The latest diameter of this range to be created, it's an important diameter which is ideal for creating installations for which an elevated flow rate is required.