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ATS - Air Track Supply

This unique track and trolley system is produced by Teseo srl. It has been designed to support tooling and to provide compressed air, fluids and electrical supply to any point along the track.
A.T.S. is manufactured from a modular extruded aluminium track which can be secured to a wall or any suitable structure, the trolley runs along the track with minimal effort, supporting tooling and providing power right to the point of use. Additional options can be supplied on the trolley.


ATS with electric feed
This system has a compressed air feed and is equipped with a single phase electric feed. An output on the trolley is provided with a three-pole terminal board and an input on one side of the rail with a box and safety clamp.
The other features are the same as the standard model.


The benefits are :
• no trailing hoses to impair operator movements;

• trolley allows total flexibility of use anywhere along the track;

• supported tools improve operator comfort.


Technical specifications :
• Extruded anodized aluminium rail.

• Trolley runs on roller bearings.

• Supply tube: 8 mm (1/4”).

• Operating pressure: 8 bar (117 psi).

• Electric current: 240v ac

• Approximate load on trolley: 30 kg (66 lb).

• Cable: 3G-2,5 mm² C/47