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Your Basic Industrial Air Compressor Accessories Kit
November 27, 2017

When purchasing an industrial air compressor, accessories may not always be included; often, the unit itself is considered as stand-alone and complete upon delivery. While some accessories are mandatory for correct function and expected production, a number of industrial air compressor accessories are desirable for safety or to further increase a machine’s efficiency.


Reap Air supplies a number of industrial air compressor accessories that would be ideal to include in any kit.


  • Air Hoses - There should be an assortment of hoses available in an accessories kit, including replacements, should one break or fail at an inopportune time. There should be various sizes of hose as well, for different needs across different jobs or projects. Don’t forget to check the maximum and minimum temperature values tested by a particular hose before using it!
  • Clamps and Clamp Tools – Since you’re going to need a hose, you’ll want clamps to better manage them. This category also includes pincers, tensioning tools, and other similar devices to increase clamp and hose capacity.
  • Lubrication. Lubrication is key in the operation of any air compressor, as these wonderful products reduce friction, and decrease the energy consumption of the device. Before adding lubrication to your industrial air compressor accessories kit, however, you’ll want to be certain the type you’re looking at is a good fit for your specific compressor model.
  • Manual -  The industrial air compressor, when delivered, will likely have its operations manual alongside it. If you no longer have the manual for your specific device, you can probably find it online, either with us, or from the manufacturer. Having this on-hand along with the other useful accessories will make troubleshooting issues a much easier process.

An industrial air compressor accessories kit will be your best friend in production, as it will increase efficiency and decrease the likelihood of unforeseen issues harming production. Reap Air has a wide variety of parts, kits, and accessories to benefit your business, as well as the expertise to recommend any additional accessories you may need. You can contact us today to learn more! 

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