December 30, 2014

Industrial air compressor service is important in ensuring that the compressor operates smoothly and is safe to use. The compressors can malfunction and jeopardize the safety of the employees if it is not maintained properly. You should know the basics of how industrial air compressor service is performed. This will ensure that the machine is always operational. There are several factors that you have to consider to ensure that the compressor is in perfect conditions. You have to check the safety valve on a regular basis to ensure that it is function. It is a safety feature that releases the air in the tank when the pressures get to a certain level. Ensuring that the safety valve works will mean that the employees will be at no risk of being injured.

You will also have to perform oil change on a regular basis as dictated by the manufacturer in the manual. In most cases, the oil needs to be changed once in every three months. The process of changing the oil is a little bit complicated. If you do not have the necessary equipment, you should leave the industrial air compressor service to the professionals.

You should start by running the unit for a few minutes to warm the oil. You can then unplug the unit when you are sure that the temperature of the oil has been increased slightly. The next step is to hold a pan under the end of the pump. Remove the oil drain plug to allow the oil to flow into the pan. When you are done, you can replace the drain plug. You should then fill the oil tank with another oil. You will also have to check the filter regularly as part of the industrial air compressor service, this is important because it ensures that the machine is performing optimally.

It's so important to get your compressor checked up regularly.
Posted by: Horton | June 6, 2016, 4:39 pm
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