Types of Industrial Air Compressor Accessories According to the Machine
May 25, 2016

There are many types of air compressors. If you want to get the best deal for a compressor accompanied with industrial air compressor accessories, then you have to be familiar with the different types. You can choose according to the kind of drive or lubrication.

According to Drive

-        Belt-This compressor is highly defined by one of its industrial air compressor accessories. The belt maximized the work of the machine. Most air compressors of this type are high-powered and can regulate heavy supply of air without operators having to deal with overheating engines. However, if you buy this belt driver compressor, you have to carefully choose the best industrial air compressor accessories such as covers and other safety parts.

-        Direct- This type of air compressor is considered as portable. It is small and handy. This best fits a home use compressor. You can get air supply without having to wait for a full tank.

According to Lubrication

-        Splash- The air compressor is assembled in a way that enables a rod-like tool to dip in an oil container and splash the oil to the engine bearings. Splash-lubricated air compressors are in line with piston type compressors. Although all oil-lubricated compressors are best use, many are doubtful with the splash-lubricated design because it is possible that the splash won’t reach the uneven plains of the compressor.

-        Oil-Free-This type of air compressor doesn’t need oil to work. Its bearings are all soaked up with oil permanently. Oil-free compressors are suitable for light work. They can’t endure long and heavy work because they tend to heat up fast.

-        Pressure- A pressure-lubricated air compressor is another type of oil-lubricated machine. Instead of splashing oil to the bearings, it has a pump that delivers oil to all the vital parts of the air compressor. It is actually a very efficient air compressor, only it is expensive.

Oil-lubricated compressors are more efficient compared to non-lubricated ones. You can do heavy work without having to worry about overheating or damaging the engines. If you are planning to use the compressor for your business then it would be wise to buy any type of oil-lubricated air compressor.

What you have to carefully think about when choosing the right kind of air compressor is the function. Ask yourself what it is for, how heavy and often would it be used. With this you can analyze the specifics and be able to buy the best air compressor that will personally or commercially suit you.

Furthermore, the key in getting the best buys for any type of machine or appliance is a well-established company. You have to be wise when choosing an air compressor company to buy from. It’d be best if you ask people you know that are experts with this kind of matter. Or, you can search for companies online. Just type in your area and the kind of compressor that you are looking for. Make sure that you do a little history investigation about the business that you are buying from. 

Always get good lubrication or else compressors could break down.
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