Training and Educating on the Use of Industrial Air Compressor
July 26, 2018

The industrial air compressor is a complicated bit of kit. The machinery and plumbing generating and handling compressed air requires careful treatment; the industrial air compressor itself needs to be run in a specific manner to achieve its optimum efficiency and performance; and adequate maintenance is paramount.


Training and educating staff about industrial air compressor operation will encourage judicious use and make them vigilant to any problems in its operation.


Business owners are realizing that since almost all employees rely on or use the industrial air compressor in one form or another, educating and training on its operation is essential. Air compressors being such integral part of the production process on the shop floor, no one person can simply be tasked with ensuring its safe and efficient operation, instead it has to be a holistic effort from the entire team.


Another factor that must be considered is that whereas in an ideal setting compressed air runs would be short and air compressors will work in perfect conjunction with each other, reality is often messier than that. Pipe runs extending hundreds of metres, numerous joints and one industrial air compressor controlled absolutely distinctly from another are commonplace. This makes training all those who interact with the compressed air system in compressed air best practices, in however small a way, imperative.


Training is an easy and effective way of ensuring the best use can be made of the industrial air compressor framework. As engineers explain how the system works and the simple ways in which its efficiency can be maximized, there is often a great outpouring of ideas from staff on the shop floor as well.


These ideas collated will reveal a number of small, but adding up to significant, improvements. What’s more, with training, employees become much more vigilant about the maintenance of the industrial air compressor system. They are able to identify problems as they occur and inform maintenance teams about concerns.

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