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The New Innovative Dryer For Your Quincy Air Compressor
October 14, 2020

Dryers are an essential element of compressed air networks that remove moisture from compressed air, which protects your Quincy air compressor and downstream equipment from contamination. They also help reduce the need for maintenance while extending the service life of air tools that eventually leads to lower operating costs. 


How can a dryer help?


However, traditional dryers only work at one speed which can waste plenty of energy if a lower output would be good enough for the compression work. The good news for all Quincy air compressor users is the creation of the new QPVS refrigerant dryer that addresses the pertinent issues associated with traditional dryers. It provides unmatched energy savings, quality production, and reliability in eco-friendly equipment. It features a variable speed drive technology that is proven to save a lot of energy consumption as it produces only the air needed at any time. 


Apart from cutting down operating costs, this new Quincy air compressor element is also capable of increasing compression quality and reliability by producing a high-quality supply of air consistently. It gets rid of the greatest downside of using thermal mass dryers. This occurs when the mass gradually warms up again, which causes the dew point to rise and compromises air quality. This is eliminated with the use of QPVS by delivering purity air in environmental conditions of up to 46°C where traditional dryers are not effective. 


Lastly, this new compressor has the added bonus feature of a lower carbon footprint. Its unique energy efficiency results in a lower TEWI-score (Total Equivalent Warming Impact) than that of other products. You get all these amazing benefits in a space-saving package that uses less area than other dryers. So, just like the innovative design of air compressors from Quincy, this new creation is another indication of great innovation from one of our most trusted and reliable partner suppliers. 


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