The Effect of Moisture to Your Air Compressor and How to Deal With It
February 02, 2021

Due to its numerous applications and many advantages, Quincy air compressors are in high-demand within many different industries. They are available in a variety of types and sizes and choosing a unit depends on your intended use. Other significant factors to consider are the airflow, pressure, and the quality of the compressed air required to meet your certain application. These considerations are very crucial before buying the units you need. But equally important also is the amount of care you give when using this machine, which means knowing the external factors that can harm your air compressor.


One specific thing to be aware of is the effect of moisture. 


Normally, air and moisture go together but you would not want it to be the case when it comes to your Quincy air compressors. Water can reduce the life and effectiveness of your compressor’s filters, bearings, and other devices inside it. They can rust and once damaged, they are costly to repair, and worse, moisture can shorten the life of your entire machine. These are the main reasons to keep moisture from invading the compressor by keeping the air inside the machine cool. Here are the ways on how to keep the air inside your compressor cool and dry.


  • Using air “after-cooler”: it cools the air that passes through it, thus condensing the moisture out of the air. 
  • Utilizing the right size compressors: small compressors tend to run more frequently, making the unit hotter as well as the air. You have to make sure that the Quincy air compressors you use have the correct size for the application and prevent the formation of moisture.  
  • Performing regular maintenance: don’t let water accumulate in the compressor tank over time as it can enter through the compressed air. Always drain the tank regularly. 


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