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Selecting The Right Air Compressor For Your Needs
June 08, 2020

An industrial air compressor is an important piece of equipment used in a wide array of different industrial applications and tasks, including construction, assembly, automation, and even in agriculture and chemical processing. While each compressor follows the same working principle of compressing air, they run differently in terms of pressure level, air capacity, operational methods, and other working parameters. When it comes to operating methods, air compressors are categorized into three major types: reciprocating, rotary screw, and scroll air compressors.


Reciprocating air compressor


This kind of air compressor works through the concept of positive displacement in which a volume of air is drawn in and captured in a chamber and is then reduced to compress the air in order to increase pressure level. Just like other types of air compressors, reciprocating industrial air compressors come either in single-stage or multi-stage configuration and are most suited for construction and trade applications.  


Rotary screw air compressor


As the name implies, this kind of compressor is operated with two helical screws that push and compress the air inside the chamber. Unlike reciprocating piston versions, a rotary screw works smoothly with decreased vibration, is durable, and is easier to maintain. Moreover, this compressor offers great capacity in terms of delivering air pressure at higher levels. Various models of rotary screw compressors are equipped with variable speed drives which means savings can be achieved due to better energy efficiency.


Scroll air compressor


For this type of industrial air compressor, air compression is achieved through the orbital motion of two spirals. One stays in place while the other is mobile, pulling air into the compression chamber. The mobile spiral compresses air through a reduction of volume. The spirals never make any contact which means that it does not require any lubrication, guaranteeing completely oil-free compressed air. 


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