Quincy Compressor: Dedicated to Reliability
July 09, 2020

The world of compressed air and gas offers great utility across a diverse range of industry applications. Quincy Compressors has in many ways spearheaded the innovation behind today’s latest air compressor technology. It’s widely known that Quincy air compressors offer  some of the most reliable, durable, and efficient compressors on the market - capable of allowing you to run your business more effectively. 


A History Dedicated to Customer Service and Reliability 


Quincy Compressor offers a long history of dedication to its customer base. In that comes an assurance and reputation for reliability and durability when it comes to the design and engineering of Quincy air compressor equipment. 


When Quincy Compressor first stepped onto the scene in the 1920s, there was a lot of heavy and dirty industry compared to what we see today. The conditions in which air compressor equipment operated in did little to ensure reliability and efficiency. Oftentimes, the conditions were incredibly hot with a lot of different contaminants in the air - making for a miserable place for machinery to operate in. The result of this was that most machinery would usually last shorter periods of time and were ultimately unreliable for regular long-term use.


It is here in which Quincy Compressor saw an opportunity to engineer a well-built machine, known for its ability to withstand tough working conditions while still ensuring quality performance. Quincy Compressor would begin to take on the challenge of building air compressor equipment for more challenging applications. By doing this, they effectively created a niche for themselves by building durable equipment for tougher industries such as agriculture, shipping, and natural resource exploration. 


Over the years, their initial equipment designs have been renewed and refreshed with newer and more innovative technology, all while adhering to that initial philosophy of building air compressor products their customers can rely on. 


Today, Quincy Compressor continues upholding their legacy for equipment reliability. They do this by staying in tune with their customers’ businesses and their unique needs. Much of their time is spent by visiting customer sites and asking questions to get a better understanding of their operational challenges. They do this to build better Quincy air compressors that are engineered to meet their customer needs and ultimately contribute to their overall success. 


With a keen eye for serving the challenges of their customer base with well-built and solution-oriented equipment, we are certain that Quincy air compressors’ innovation will only lead to success in the future. 


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