Introduction to Quincy Air Compressor Methods
August 16, 2016

 An air compressor is used in many applications and industries because of its ability to convert electrical power and transform it into kinetic energy, a good example would be the Quincy air compressor. The conversion is done by using the compressed air produced by the machine. Once the compressed air is released by the machine in quick successions, there is also an equal amount of kinetic energy that is developed which can be utilized to perform various jobs such as driving pneumatic devices, transferring air and for cleaning purposes.

There are two phases by which an air compressor system such as the Quincy air compressor works – the compression phase and release phase. The air compressor employs various methods of air compression depending on the type and model of air compressor, one good example is Quincy air compressor. Some of the most common methods are rotary screws, centrifugal compression as well as reciprocating pistons. How the air is delivered or released out of the system also follows different method and is usually measured in cubic feet for every minute. As a general rule, the higher the horsepower by which the compressor can operate, the more powerful the delivery of the air out of the system.

There are many different types of air compressor systems but the most common is the positive-displacement compressors. It is used in small-scale operations such as inside the household or a small business and it is also used in industrial-scale operations. Though it is considered the most widely used, there are other types of air compressor still in use by the public such as rotating impeller compressors. A positive-displacement type of air compressor works by giving importance to have the machine takes in the air and then it minimizes the space available inside the chamber in order to create pressure on the air molecules. The air is delivered out of the system through an opening of the valve and compressed air is delivered in quick bursts.

Another most common type of air compressor is the piston-type. With this type of air compressor, the piston’s motion is utilized by the system in order to deliver air into the system’s chamber with the intake valve as a medium. One great example of this system is the automotive-type piston. With the automotive-type piston, the crankshaft has a connection to the rod and mounted on it is a cylinder inside a cylinder. The base of the crankshaft moves in a small circle. With respect to the crankshaft, the connecting rod is at its fixed place while with respect to the cylinder, it moves in a hinged manner. Because of this, the cylinder is able to stay in position either in a horizontal or vertical manner. As soon as the crankshaft reaches its minimum point of revolution, the cylinder is also released by the rod. If the crankshaft continues to turn, the rod goes up, which also causes the cylinder to go up. This motion continues in a constant manner thus making the cylinder to continue moving up and down which also triggers the intake of air as well as its release. 

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