Important Parts of an Air Compressor
June 20, 2016

 Are you on the lookout for industrial air compressor parts? Various air compressors parts need servicing or they will break or make your machine work at a lower performance level. Should you consider buying or currently own an air compressor, it would be handy to get acquainted with the different parts of an air compressor. Even if you are not familiar with doing any repair or service on the equipment yourself, having knowledge on the various parts of the air compressor will definitely help when you buy an air compressor and or when you talk to your repair man.

Here are some of the common industrial air compressor parts that you can find on all air compressor types.

-        Compressor air filters. The air filters protect the air compressor from the machine’s main enemy: dust. It can definitely save you money if the filters are maintained and checked regularly. An air compressor with a dirty inlet filter will decrease the output capacity. You’ll also have to pay a little bit more money on your electric bill compared to the price of buying a new filter. This is definitely an air compressor part that you should be aware of.  

-        Pressure switch. Every air compressor will have some kind of pressure switch. What this pressure switch does is tell you when the compressor should start and stop. Air compressor pressure switch on both the older and small compressor is absolutely a mechanical device. Now with two screw sets, you can set the lower and upper pressure. On newer and bigger compressors, it is perhaps a pressure sensor that has a separate kind of controller with the LCD screen in order to read out pressure as well as to control the air compressor.

-        Oil filters. They are typically found in bigger compressors just like the oil-injected screw compressors. Small reciprocating piston compressors do not have any oil filter. Hence, lubrication will also be done by splashing the crankshaft from the oil bath. Apparently, oil filter is placed in the machine in order to screen out any filth coming from that of the oil. Dirt just like dust, sand and smaller pieces of metal wears down the rotating portions like the bearings and other compressor element. Air compressor oil filter will protect all of the moving parts like the compressor element, valves and bearings breaking down.

-        Compressor oil. Although this does not really belong to the parts of an air compressor, it is a compressor part after all: and that is, the oil. With the precise kind of oil for the air compressor is a very important consideration. This is accurate for the reciprocating piston compressors as well as the rotary screw compressors. The compressor oil could also become very hot and even reach up to 120 degrees. The air compressor oil is designed in order to withstand this kind of temperature.

-        Compressor valves. The inlet and outlet valves found in the reciprocating piston compressors use the valves in regulating the intake and also the exhaust in the piston compressor. 

I always am cautious to have regular maintenance on my compressor, it saves me so much money in the long run.
Posted by: Carlie | July 18, 2016, 4:19 pm
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