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How Summer Heat Affects Your Industrial Air Compressor
June 25, 2021

While you may love to bask in summer heat, this is not the case for your industrial air compressor. In fact, summer is the time when your air compression system needs more care and attention as it is more vulnerable to potential damages caused by heat.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing how summer heat can affect the performance of your industrial air compressor.

The major culprit is overheating. During its normal air compression cycle, an industrial air compressor is already producing a good amount of heat. The excess heat produced by the process is already a cause for concern during the colder months, but this problem is made even worse in the summer when added heat puts even more stress on the compressor. Hence, if your air compressors are expected to work hard throughout the summer, you must know what to do to avoid overheating the system. Here are some steps that you can take to keep your air compressor working at its best despite the heat.

1. Ensure that the filters are clean

Air filters have a very important role to play in making sure that your air compressor runs smoothly. They trap air particles that can block air passages and negatively impact air flow. Ensure that the filters are changed on time and are not clogged. Otherwise, this can make your air compressor work harder and produce more heat.

2. Enhance ventilation

If your air compression system operates outdoors, ventilation might not be a problem. However, if it is inside a closed facility, then you need to pay attention to proper ventilation. See to it that air flows freely around the compressor and there are no obstructions to its ventilation. Plus, always keep the machine as cool as possible to minimize strains on its cooling system.

3. Regular checkup of coolers and motor cabinet

Just like air filters, coolers also have a critical role in preventing overheating. Thus, always make sure that the cooling system is not damaged. Check on it regularly and change it when necessary. Clean up dirt accumulation and ensure that fans are working well. Do the same with the motor cabinet, making sure it is free of dust buildup.

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