Dangers of Not Buying Genuine Compressor Parts
November 17, 2016

With the advancement of modern machining technologies, creation of counterfeit products has become a common bug eating away consumer confidence. It also exposes the user to numerous dangers that can be effectively avoided through the acquisition of genuine products. Quincy air compressor parts are among the commonest brands you can get counterfeits, due to the brand’s long standing success history. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that you only buy genuine Quincy parts for your compressor. Raise the bar by buying original and evade the following dangers.


Risk of damaging other parts

Air compressor components are designed and machined in a high precision environment. As a result, low precision parts as often developed by counterfeiters are likely to damage your air compressor. With Quincy air compressor parts being designed, prototyped and machined under the highest engineering ethic, they always fit various user specific applications flexibly. In fact, low precision parts not originally crafted by Quincy can be easily be identified by their shape, design, constituent metal and the labels on them.


Massive air leaks

Only precise air handling components are sure to create air tight environments where leakages are minimal. Counterfeit air compressor parts are irrationally compact and less likely to match the enclosure requirements specified in the original Quincy parts. The resulting mismatch and lack of interlock is likely to result to massive leakages in your compressor.


Decreased efficiency

Through dependent on the part replaced, any substitution of the original compressor parts with inferior ones is lead to decreased efficiency. It for instance might affect the compression ratio for the inlet and outlet air volumes or even increase the energy consumption rate.


To ensure you get superior service from replacing your Quincy air compressor parts, be sure to get only original spares. It’s the surest way of reducing the cost associated with the repairs and maintenance of your compressor. Reach Air Energy for original Quincy compressor parts.  


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