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Choosing The Right Rental Industrial Air Compressor
May 16, 2018

Industrial air compressor rental is a cost-effective and quick solution to meeting your compressed air needs. Whether starting ab initio, facing an unexpected surge in compressed air demand or simply your existing air compressor being down for servicing, renting an industrial air compressor is a quick and hassle free option.


Industrial air compressor rental offers a hassle-free and cost-effective way of adding capacity to your operation or waving goodbye to downtime.


In this article we focus on what sort of industrial air compressor rental will suffice if all you are looking to run are tools. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Powering your compressor – Will your air compressor be connected to electrical mains and be driven by electricity or do you require a self-sufficient drive? Gas powered compressors give you the flexibility to power your compressor anywhere, though do add size and weight to the entire industrial air compressor rental assembly.
  • Tank size – If your tools will be run continuously over prolonged periods, it is better to get an air compressor with a larger tank size, air compressors working primarily off of the tank. Conversely, with few tools requiring compressed air and run only intermittently, a smaller tank may suffice.
  • Air flow – Getting an industrial air compressor rental that exceeds your expected demand is essential. The last thing you want is an unexpected loss of pressure. Using the requirements from the most demanding tool (if you will be using tools serially) is way to determine your air flow requirements; if you will be using multiple tools in parallel, be sure to assess air flow demand cumulatively.
  • Space considerations – What size of air compressor your facility can accommodate, what orientation of tank is most suitable are questions you must keep in mind too.


There are, of course, considerations about where you are renting from. Choose only a reliable industrial air compressor rental provider to ensure that the equipment you get performs to your expectations and doesn’t add to your maintenance woes. That the rental rates are reasonable, installation will be quick and customer service is prompt are essential to having a positive industrial air compressor rental experience.


ReapAir is one of the most reputed industrial air compressor rental providers in all of Southern Ontario. We provide various specifications of Quincy air compressor units, of varying power configurations, to suit your power needs and budget.

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