Buying A Durable Industrial Air Compressor
December 01, 2014

In an industrial situation, an industrial air compressor is used to operate various types of tools, machines and hydraulic devices. As most machines are powered by oil based generators, industrial compressors are efficient, faster, and cheaper. They use the power generated by external sources like diesel and petrol engines to compress and release air in pressurized form. The pressurized air has many applications in the industry as well as used in different fields as chemical manufacturing, construction, agriculture, automation and assembly factories. Most refrigerators also use an industrial air compressor to run their ventilation systems, as the coolant solution is pushed through the pipes.

There are numerous types of compressors in the market that vary in air capacity, level of pressure produced and the way they operate. They also vary in their uses and identifying which type works best for you will help make a difference in safety, cost and productivity. Depending on the air compressors, there is industrial, commercial, workshop, oil free, dental and medical other than diesel and petrol compressors.

Air compressors designs and models are based on two mechanisms i.e. a dynamic displacement mechanism and positive displacement mechanism. A positive displacement mechanism forces air into a cylinder and by use of pistons the volume of air is compressed to increase the pressure. Such air compressors are found in factories and construction fields as well as hospitals.

A dynamic displacement mechanism uses rotating disks to compress and transfer the air. When the disks are rotating at a greater speed, extremely high pressure is generated.By use of inlet guide vanes, the airflow and pressure can be easily regulated. Also known as centrifugal air, compressors, they are widely used   in machines such as refrigerators, automotive turbo and superchargers as well as pneumatic drills.

By properly maintaining your compressor, will prolong the life of the device and avoid voiding of the manufacturer's warranty.  


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