3 Things You Need to Know About Industrial Air Compressors
April 25, 2016

 Air compressors convert power into pressurized air, many industrial companies use pneumatic tools or air-powered tools because they can be a real money saver in comparison to traditional tools that are powered by electricity. There are a lot of advantages to using industrial air compressors and they have a large variety of uses but there are a few things you need to know when you are considering purchasing one.

1.       Air powered tools are one of the many benefits of owning industrial air compressors. As mentioned before, these tools can help save money. This is because the pressurized air is already converted from a power source so you only use a fraction of power when you need it. In other words, instead of having the tool plugged in and constantly using electricity, the compressed air is used only when it needs to be. Some air-powered tools are chisels, nail guns and sanders.

2.       When an industrial air compressor is used frequently it can have a tendency to leak air. An air leakage will cause the air pressure to lower and it may not fulfill the energy requirements that a tool may need. This will cause the tool to be inefficient and it will not perform to the best of its abilities. Ensuring that you have a quality industrial air compressor will make this problem less likely but you must also make sure to work with a company who will repair and service your machine. ReapAir can meet all the service demands of your air compressor.

3.       Ensure that you have the right type of air compressor for your business. In addition to traditional air compressors there are oil-free compressors. The oil-free air compressors are beneficial to the pharmaceutical industry and the food and beverage industry. Any industry that may use an air compressor in an environment where materials are produced for consumption should be using an oil-free machine. In traditional air compressors, moving parts need small amounts of lubricant and when the air is passing through these parts, it can be contaminated with oil. 

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